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играй в игры и получай деньги

Играй в игры и получай деньги

The sports book is an excellent example of the compression of space because it makes it possible to gamble on races taking place in many different areas играй в игры и получай деньги the country. It is also a good example of the compression of нефтяной магнат игра мод много денег because it removes barriers to consumption by making racing available for a far greater part of the day than it would be at any single track.

Such играй в игры и получай деньги fall under the category of implosion because past, present, and future worlds co-exist at a given time. They fall under the category of simulation because they involve inauthentic recreations from other times and places.

While these techniques for manipulating time are common to a hyperreal or postmodern condition, and can be found in a variety of consumer settings (e.

In no other place than Las Vegas can a consumer find a greater variety of largescale simulations of other times and places.

The present, at least in a simulated form, is to be found at places like Bellagio, Venetian and Paris.

The future can be found at the Stratosphere and at Star Trek at the Las Vegas Hilton. The ready availability of such a variety of time periods is quite alluring to visitors and helps to bring them to Las Vegas and the specific casino-hotels.

This is программа для игр деньги achieved through the creation of a sense of enormous space. Играй в игры и получай деньги, it is once again in Las Vegas that we find the paradigmatic use of large spaces to lure consumers.

It is difficult to describe in words the enormity of these settings. The Luxor takes the form of a glass pyramid into which it would be possible to stuff nine Boeing 747 aircraft. Adjacent to the pyramid is a sphinx that is larger than the original sphinx in Egypt. The Stratosphere has a 1,000 foot observation tower touted as the tallest building west of the Mississippi. New York, New York has a 150-foot high replica of the Statue of Liberty.

Paris has a half-scale copy of the Eiffel tower and a full-scale model of the Arc de Triomphe. All of this, of course, says nothing about the huge number of guestrooms, gaming tables, and slot machines inside the casino-hotels.

That is, игры для заработка денег плей маркет is the model for the interrelated processes of rationalization, disenchantment, and re-enchantment through the use of simulations, implosion and manipulations of играй в игры и получай деньги and space.

In this section we want to go beyond the logic of that work to argue that the casino-hotel is paradigmatic of the cathedrals of consumption in another sense- surveillance. We argue that the pattern of surveillance pioneered in Las Vegas casino-hotels has been, and is likely to continue to be, adopted by many of the new means of consumption. Security guards and electronic cameras help protect against shoplifters, employee theft and other problems.

However, it is in the Las Vegas casino-hotel that играй в игры и получай деньги threat of crime, and the efforts to control it through surveillance, reaches their apogee, suggesting the direction surveillance in consumer society in general will take.

After all, huge sums of money change hands daily in the casino. The high stakes attract all как заработать деньги в играх на телефоне of gamblers intent on cheating the casino. There is the играй в игры и получай деньги possibility that employees (e. All играй в игры и получай деньги these threats and others have led the casino-hotel to spearhead the effort to find new and better methods of surveillance.

The casino bases this calculation on the percentage it can expect to win from each bet. For играй в игры и получай деньги games involving large wagers, the comps can be very high indeed.

Casinos are happy to dispense perks because they keep gamblers playing and returning at later dates.

Since the more one gambles, the more likely one is to lose, increasing the number of times a gambler plays, increases the chances that the house will win, and win big. Reflecting the paradigmatic status of the casino-hotel, systems based on this model are rapidly spreading to other means of consumption. Many supermarket chains, for example, now use swipe cards to track customer purchases. These same cards играй в игры и получай деньги used to activate discounts on some items (instead of the traditional бесплатное казино без регистрации онлайн price) and shoppers can accumulate vouchers if a certain amount of money is spent monthly.

We can expect that surveillance will be used in conjunction with incentives in more and more cathedrals of consumption as the value of customer loyalty and repeat consumption is играй в игры и получай деньги increasingly.

Recall that in the post-Fordist model of production, new technology enables more flexible production techniques than the mass-production associated with the Fordist model.

Such a model enables a modicum of individualized treatment in otherwise faceless, phantasmagoric systems. There is an adrenaline rush associated with placing a wager that can be both exciting and enjoyable.

A problem exists when the casino environment encourages gamblers to bet more than they wish and more than they can afford.]



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Играй в игры и получай деньги



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Играй в игры и получай деньги



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